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Transitioning from Mobile Learn to Blackboard’s Bb Student & Bb Instructor Apps

Effective August 1, 2017, Mobile Learn will be removed from all app stores. Students are advised to begin transitioning to Blackboard’s Bb Student (available now).

The new app offers an enhanced, user-centric experience that puts critical teaching and learning tools and increased efficiency with simplified workflows right in users’ hands

Bb Student app is currently available globally in iOS, Android & Windows app stores. Bb Instructor app is scheduled to release globally in iOS and Android app stores in July 2017.

Staying Relevant to move forward

2 May 2017

INTI International College Kuala Lumpur recently hosted over 20 prospective students for an exclusive preview for INTI’s MBA programs that are offered in their campus and in INTI International University. Read more....

To Teachers, with love.

18 April 2017

How do you define the word ‘Superhero’? For most of us, it is a fictional character that possesses human defying powers. These superheroes often take up tasks that are considered difficult or near impossible for regular humans and accomplishes it with ease. Read more....

INTI's New Diploma in Mechanical Engineering to Facilitate Next Generation of STEM Talents

27 March 2017

In spite the growth of career opportunities across Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) related fields, Malaysia has seen a marked decline in the number of secondary and tertiary education students pursuing such programmes. Read more.....

Stampede Solutions Offers Scholarships to Outstanding INTI Students

27 March 2017

Stampede Solutions recently offered scholarships to two outstanding students from INTI International University & Colleges (INTI) worth approximately RM40,000. Read more.....

Lanxum Liuxue 360 Education Scholarships Presented to INTI Outstanding Students from China

24 March 2017

INTI International University & Colleges recently hosted distinguished guests from Lanxum Liuxue 360 Education to attend an Academic Excellence Awards and present the scholarships valued at over RM66,000 to 20 top scholars from China. Read more.....